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Martha's Fart Attack

A fast paced, easy to learn, competitive, press-your-luck card game about making farts.  Featuring 100 glorious, full color cards.  Designed by an eight year old and can be played by anyone.  Available now on Amazon.



From idea to card game

  • October 2020

    It Started With A Fart

    Somewhere in deepest darkest Macclesfield the idea was hatched.  What naively started as teaching a young niece about game design and fun, ended in a concept born of darkness, despair and raw sewage! 

  • December 2020

    It Lives!

    After a period of gestation, the shambling monster emerges from the depths of which it was created.  Our crude, screaming, gelatinous mass now has form and shape.  It occasionally shrieks and makes grunting noises. 

  • March 2021

    Glitter Roll

    Our smelly, poo-splattered beast is hauled, kicking and screaming back into the workshop.  A hefty amount of smoke and mirrors are used to make it appear like it's not exactly what it is; an ungodly creation which shouldn't exist by the normal laws of polite society.

  • May 2021

    Smoothing Rough Edges

    The thing which sits in the corner of the room now simply grunts and barks.  It appears civilised and responds in a friendly-ish manner.  It feels like trickery, some unholy magics are at work here.  And yet we continue to test it, to add a little something here, take a little there.  Dare I say it seems to be responding well.

  • July 2021

    Squint and It Looks Normal

    Months of working closely with this creature have softened us.  Where once we recoiled in terror, we now embrace and encourage.  This thing will be the end of us.  And yet we're proud of what we've achieved.  Where there was one, there are now many.  It has come time to share our creation.

  • September 2021

    It Controls Us!

    What we feared has come to pass.  And now we understand what has happened, now that it's brethren.  No.  Its offspring, have emerged into the world, we only now have truly understood what we've unleashed on the world.  It's too late for us.  But maybe it's not too late for you.  Or maybe you're already doom.

the team

Can two people really be called a team?

Martha Davies

Co-Founder, Game Designer, Lover of Farts

Cai Feasby

Co-Founder, Game Designer, Marmite Barbarian